Over 200 Road Accident Deaths registered in September

A total of 229 people lost their lives and 1054 people sustaining injuries from road accidents in September 2021 alone according to Traffic Police.

According to last month’s report, a record high of 1407 Road accidents was recorded across the country compared to the previous months of this year.

The accidents have been blamed on speeding, reckless driving, and motorcyclists especially Bodaboda riders.

According to the Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety, many motorists have made it commonplace to violate regulations, especially on highways.

In a statement issued by the Directorate on Monday indicated that a cumulative total of 166 motorcycles have been returned to their owners after they were impostor violating anti-covid regulations.

However, other motorcycles are still held at at different police stations over failure to verify ownership while several others are impounded in relation to other crimes .

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