Nkumba University, the theater of academic excellence

Located on the outskirts of Entebbe, Nkumba University stands approximately 100 meters off Entebbe highway, Wakiso district.

Established in 1994 as part of a group of schools and colleges that originally grew from a kindergarten, the university reminisces of a valued history reflected in the thoughtfulness of great individuals whose dream was to build their community through academic prowess with compassion.

On 29 July 1952, Ssalongo Kintu a local merchant invited two of his friends; Charles Kisitu Ffulu, and Zefania Mpanga for a meeting. This meeting led to the establishment of a kindergarten for their infants.

They believed that , to nurture anything to mature fruition, they needed to start at a tender stage- infantry, and indeed on 6 February 1952, the kindergarten opened with twelve pupils at Ffulu’s home. It grew into a primary school which thrived to become a junior secondary school and later a senior secondary school. In 1969, the school became a vocational institute and name changed to Nkumba College of Commerce and Advanced Studies in 1974.

Having delivered on it’s academic call magnificently, in 1994, the board of trustees was approved by the Ministry of Education to transform the college into a university. The University was later granted a charter on 16 February 2006 by the president of the Republic of Uganda upon the recommendation from the National Council for Higher Education as provided in the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001.

Today, Nkumba University is a private fully Chartterd university with a population estimated at 4000 students as of 2020 university survey report.

The University operates under eight constituent schools and these include; School of Business Administration and Information Technology, School of Education, School of Social Science, School of Law, School of Industrial, Commercial Art and Design, School of Computing and Informatics, School of Sciences and the Instituteof Nursingand Midwifery with two campuses offering day, evening, long distance and weekend programmes.

At the leadership helm is Dr. Emmanuel Katongole as the university’s Chancellor with prof. Jude Lubega as the vice Chancellor and Lawrence Mushabe, the student’s guild president.

The university has produced many women and men of great influence particularly in Uganda and the most notable alumni being the current Minister of ForeignAffairs, Hon Abubakhar Jejje Odongo and Katumba Wamala, a Ugandan military officer and the current Ugandan Minister of Works and Transport. Wamala is a former Chief of Defence Forces, the highest military position in the Uganda People’s Defence Forces and has also served as the Inspector general of police.

With over 100 courses, the University commands stellar quality education and research to it’s local, regional and global students.

The University also boasts of Tiot systems development program, the first of the kind in the country that was launched on 20th June 2022 with support from Toit company from Germany.

As of 2020 university survey report, Nkumba University was ranked 9th out of close to 30 universities in Uganda. The University is a non-political, non-religious providing freedom of worship and political affiliation at student’s discretion.

Nkumba University adds over 1,000 graduates to the job market every year with a whooping 30,000 Alumni from close to 20 nationalities.

A varsity with a track record of prolific academic excellence, the arena of great sportsmanship, a game hub for over 10 sports disciplines, the home of the flamboyant Beach Boys- Nkumba University, an institution to reckon with.

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