Lubwama calls upon FUFA to introduce team psychologists

Wakiso Giants midfielder Joshua Lubwama has tendered in a request to the football governing body, FUFA to introduce the requirement of Team Psychologists.

While appearing on a local morning show, Sport This Morning, on NBS Sport, Lubwama was strong on the need to foster a campaign on mental health education across the game.

Lubwama is a graduate of Bachelor of Mental Health Education and Community Psychology which puts him in the right place to tell the need of this campaign.

“I would like to call upon FUFA to think about the need for team psychologists as a requirement,” Lubwama said before adding; “Players go through a lot and need professional guidance.”

“I will stress it more and more, football is a mental game and in case of any hindrance, the player’s potential is greatly affected negatively.”

In most cases, society has perceived athletes as “superhuman beings” gifted and talented with power, speed, strength, skills and abilities that mere mortals can aspire to.

That is to say, when one is to go with the word Olympian which roots in Greek mythology and implies that athletes are extraordinary or superhuman beings.

But this is not the case because these are normal human beings who get hurt and depressed whenever they find themselves in a hard place.

But Lubwama stressed that whenever a player is depressed or stressed then the best idea is to talk to someone.

“Whenever you (player) find yourself in a hard time, run out to your family or few friends that you trust. This helps to create an avenue of being supported and encouraged.”

According to the director of the, Tallest Muganda Foundation, players should start working under personal managers and agencies. This helps a player to get professional mentorship and guidance.

It should only be a call to the whole sports fraternity to support Lubwama in this mental health campaign to see that we have mentally strong athletes.

Featured Photo Credit :- Wakiso Giants

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