Entebbe Division B: Priority given to Roads, Environment, Youth skilling in new budget

Entebbe Municipal Council Division B chairperson, Richard Ssekyondo says the budget for the 2022/2023 financial year will mainly focus on road rehabilitation, skilling of special interest groups and conserving the environment.

Presenting the Budget to stakeholders on Wednesday 4th May 2022, Ssekyondo said their focus is now on bettering the economy to offset the impacts of covid-19 that saw the Division fail to collect the projected revenue last year. The chairperson says this in turn frustrated their plans.

The budget totaling to UGX 3.4 Billion which is about 38% increase from last year’s UGX 1.3 Billion. Road Rehabilitation has been awarded UGX 130 million, Drainage Systems UGX 60 million. The Division council as well allocated UGX 20 million towards construction of a model village.

Ssekyondo said they have earmarked Lugonjo-Nakiwogo as the suitable village for developing the model village. ” We intend to work towards having a cleaner and green village but in a contemporary setting, this model village will provide a benchmark for other townships.” he said

“Working closely with the Municipality leadership, we need to revise the revenue generated from Entebbe Airport. A fair share of the monies must remain in the municipality.” he said

The municipal division will be relying on revenue collections from the newly opened Kitoro Market, and the new taxi park which is yet to fully open.

However, the chairperson expressed concerns on the level tax compliance of the locals owing to the fact that the economy is still undergoing recovery from the effects of the corona virus pandemic. He said they face an uphill task to consolidate the projected revenues and will spend much more to collect the taxes.

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