Buddhists deliver relief to Kigungu landing site

Uganda Buddhists Centre delivered a donation worth over UGX 40 million to Kigungu Ndese landing site in Entebbe Municipality.

The consignment containing relief items such as 14 tonnes of maize flour, soap, rice and cooking oil was delivered to the locals on Friday responding to a request made by Katabi Town Council.

Most Venerable Bhante Buddharakkhita who is the founder of Uganda Buddhists Center said he was touched when he came across a video showing ruins of the landing site.

“We had to make an assessment of the place to identify what the people needed. But all we have done is just a tip of an iceberg. I believe they need all the support there is especially psychosocial help.” Bhante said

Katabi Town Council Chairperson, Ronald Kalema said the donation is timely given the recent increase in prices of food items making it hard for locals to afford them.

“The need is clear as day, we decided to stand with the people of Kigungu because they have gone through a lot after fire took their homes and source of livelihood away.” he said

The Buddhist Center and their partners has overtime made generous donations in the form of relief items, providing bursaries, extending water and health services to communities across the country.

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