ACA T20: Cricket Cranes Beat Tanzania To Clinch Championship

Final Results

Tanzania – 174/5 (20 Overs)
Uganda – 175/2 (20 Overs)

Cricket Cranes went past their close neighbour Tanzania to clinch the African Cricket Association (ACA) T20 Championship in Benoni, South Africa.

Uganda won by eight wickets with two balls to spare to become the maiden champions of the Africa Cup.

Uganda won the toss and elected to bowl first while Tanzania fell on the batting side.

Tanzania put up a good hitting run managing 11 per over before Brian Masaba and Alpesh Ramjani poured water on the heating frying pan.

On the other side, Uganda started on the wrong foot as the captain Masaba was jailed to a Leg Before Wicket in the first over.

However, Simon Ssesazi and Deus Muhumuza did a lot to bring Uganda back to the game, though much was still up for the fight.

Rizat Ali Shah in action. | Courtesy Photo

Later on, Ssesazi lost his wicket at 18 and the big man of the day Rizat Ali Shah came to continue the fight alive and going.

Rizat registered a magnificent 98 while Muhumuza followed with a big 50. The duo managed a combo of 147 to ensure Uganda see Tanzania off.

Uganda finished the championship unbeaten. They started the journey by beating Botswana before Mozambique and Ghana.

At the semifinals they registered the fourth victory against fierce rivals Kenya to storm finals.

This will leave the nation eager and yearning that her 25th global T20 rancking improves.

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